13 Tikis

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13 TIkis hail from Chicago and feature Suzie on sax, Mr. Friday on bass, Jack The Ripper on drums, Stevie Martini on guitar, and Phil Tiki on Guitar. We are the premiere surf/instro band in Chicago. Not only do we play the best 50’s/60’s instro, but modern surf as well. Link Wray, The Bomboras, Dick Dale, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, The Ghastly Ones, the list goes on and on.


The Troubadors

The Troubadours are America’s longest-running Shadows tribute band, founded in 2000 by the father and son team of Ivan Pongracic Jr. and Sr. The Shadows were a highly influential ’60s British instrumental band that had many #1 hits around the world and inspired some of the most famous British guitarists of the past 50 years to pick the guitar. The Troubadours have played all around the Midwest and Canada in the past 15 years, including the 2001 and 2003 Shadowmania North America events (which featured several original members of the Shadows). Ivan Jr. and drummer Dane Carter are also the founding members of the iconic modern surf band the Madeira.

Roland Remington

Roland Remington

Roland Remington plays mid-century exotica (tiki music) by artists like Martin Denny, Les Baxter and Arthur Lyman on vintage melody percussion instruments. Exotica combines the sounds of Latin America, Polynesia and the Orient, transporting listeners to far away, exotic lands. Get your boarding pass to a bygone era with a show that conjures up mysterious tropical islands and soft sea breezes!

Johny Yuma

I started DJing exotica and easy listening- “lounge music” when I lived Portland Oregon in the 90s. I spun Martin Denny, Les Baxer, all the exotica classics as well as  classic easy listening from the likes of Enoch Light, Moog records, Cha-Chas, Bossa Nova and 50s easy listening latin music and everything that was associated with the Lounge Music sound that was very hot in the mid 90s. I would mix in spoken word and other kooky stuff. I had a radio show at KPSU which was the college radio station at Portland State. The show was called The Sound Lounge, and I kind of did the same thing but I got really weird with the playlist. One show I played nothing but Henry Mancini records through an echoplex and delay pedals. That show was a blast!  It was a late night show so I got away with super weird stuff. I currently dj all over Bloomington but the places I most frequent are Bishop Bar, The Root Cellar and Scholars Inn.

Frenchy LaRouge

“The Cans That Can”, Miss Frenchy LaRouge got into burlesque through her passion for golden oldies and all things Atomic Age. A founding member of Indy’s Rocket Doll Revue, she specializes in classic burlesque styles with a twist (sometimes literally)! Don’t be a square, or she’ll give you a knuckle sandwich!

Hoosier Haoles

Traditional hawaiian music.

Kitana Louise

A classically trained vocalist, Kitana started her career in musical theater and opera. She learned the art of striptease in 2012 after GRINDuating from Nashville’s only burlesque school, Delinquent Debutantes. Since then, she has established herself as multi talented showgirl, singing, dancing, acting and modeling across the country and TV screen. She is a featured entertainer at the legendary Skull’s Rainbow Room in downtown Printer’s Alley and a dance instructor at Delinquent Debutantes. She knows how to tease, she knows how to please, the one and only, Kitana Louise!

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