The Concussions

The Concussions

The Concussions are a mighty Michigan-based surf & instrumental rock n’ roll combo. 14 years ago they released their debut CD on their own label, and followed it up with their second disc, on Double Crown, called Magic Fingers. The disc contains twelve great tunes, eleven originals plus a cover of the Beatles tune “And I Love Her”. 

It was produced by Tommy Schichtel and mixed by Tommy and Pete Curry of Los Straitjackets. They’ve been tearing up stages all over their home state and made an explosive appearance at Eddie Angel’s Exotica Fest in 2008, opening for The Neanderthals and The Trashmen! Magic Fingers received the “Instrumental Album Of The Year” award from WYCE. 

The band released their second CD for Double Crown, Fall In Love With The Concussions in 2012, which was followed by Break Up With The Concussions in early 2014 all produced by Tommy Schichtel and recorded at Goon Lagoon.

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The Tikinauts

The TikinautsWhen The Tikinauts aren’t prepping their rocket for a blast to the past, they’re dusting off the surf classics to bring you a balanced dose of vintage nostalgia and surf tradition. Dedicated to the reverb drenched melodies of 60’s summer fun, The Tikinauts pride themselves on their uncanny dedication to the songs and styles that keep Tiki culture and surf swag alive and well in the 21st century!

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Roland Remington

12002774_763530037088987_4350697635163835422_nRoland Remington plays mid-century exotica (tiki music) by artists like Martin Denny, Les Baxter and Arthur Lyman on vintage melody percussion instruments. Exotica combines the sounds of Latin America, Polynesia and the Orient, transporting listeners to far away, exotic lands. Get your boarding pass to a bygone era with a show that conjures up mysterious tropical islands and soft sea breezes!

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Johny Yuma

JohnnyYuma2I started DJing exotica and easy listening- “lounge music” when I lived Portland Oregon in the 90s. I spun Martin Denny, Les Baxer, all the exotica classics as well as  classic easy listening from the likes of Enoch Light, Moog records, Cha-Chas, Bossa Nova and 50s easy listening latin music and everything that was associated with the Lounge Music sound that was very hot in the mid 90s. I would mix in spoken word and other kooky stuff. I had a radio show at KPSU which was the college radio station at Portland State. The show was called The Sound Lounge, and I kind of did the same thing but I got really weird with the playlist. One show I played nothing but Henry Mancini records through an echoplex and delay pedals. That show was a blast!  It was a late night show so I got away with super weird stuff. I currently dj all over Bloomington but the places I most frequent are Bishop Bar, The Root Cellar and Scholars Inn.

Rocket Doll Revue

Rocket Doll RevueThe Rocket Doll Revue is Indianapolis’ one-of-a-kind burlesque troupe rolled into a sexy ball of bouffants, rhinestones and the occasional bucket of blood. Founded in 2010 after a night of tasteful debauchery at a traveling vaudeville show, the Rocket Doll Revue is a tight-knit group of smokin’ hot ladies! Showcasing a dynamic variety of show-stopping talent – from classic striptease to the avant garde – this troupe always provides a vibrant and unique experience.

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Hoosier Haoles

Traditional hawaiian music.